Thompson Hotel Wedding :: Toronto

Thompson Hotel Wedding :: Toronto

Thompson Hotel Wedding :: Toronto

Stylish Thompson Hotel wedding in Toronto.

Len and Hyla had the perfect downtown wedding at the Toronto Thompson Hotel. Hyla is an amazing interior designer and Len is one of Toronto’s top real estate agents. After meeting with them about their wedding, we clicked so well I even bought my house with Len! By the time the wedding rolled around I had spent so much time with them, it felt like family.

Len has the cutest boy, Charlie who was a big part of the whole wedding and in lots of photos. I can’t say how great it felt to be a part of their big day!

This was the most gorgeous Vera Wang dress you ever did see. The shape and contours on it were simply perfect!

The Thompson Hotel gave them the nicest room I’ve ever seen to stay and get ready in. The lighting was perfect with big windows everywhere!

There is nothing quite like a big hug from a father, these are the types of images that really become momentos.

This is one of my favourite photos of the day. They have such a classic look to them. The Thompson Hotel sign really echoes that. There is something so cinematic about moments like these.

The diner at the Toronto Thompson Hotel is so classic cool. Holding hands slightly separated is a really classic wedding pose. Like 1800’s classic. I used a pretty traditional pose the echo that classic feel but made it modern by having them engage with one another.

The rooftop terrace at the Thompson Hotel is simply to die for. You can really see all of downtown Toronto. It makes for a gorgeous place for a ceremony.

When Charlie gave his big speech I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house!