Primary Photographers


Derek is the Beyoncé of the Luminous family. Sure, Kelly and Michelle are great, but where are they now? When Derek isn't making fun of his colleagues he's wearing all black in the sun and shooting beautiful portraits that are natural and fun.


I'm a dog-a-holic who loves capturing candid moments, cheeky smiles and sly glances. I love infusing fashion and a soft editorial feel into my photos


I'm a laid back artsy guy who just wants to make amazing images and drink lots of coffee. I love making dramatic images that feel like they are out of a hollywood film.

About Luminous Weddings – Toronto Photographers

Why Us?

We started Luminous Weddings with a dream to tell your true story, in a refined and beautiful way. We help you create moments of energy and excitement on your wedding day.


We don’t “stage” photos. We help set the stage for moment to take place.


Mother's give bride hug on wedding daySometimes, it’s simple things, like when Leah wanted a photo with her mom and her new mother-in-law. Instead of simply asking them to pose together, we got the moms to run up behind her and give her so much love that she’ll blush. When they did that, a true moment took over. They wanted to squeeze her like that all day – they just needed a nudge.

This is what really separates us. While we know how to take gorgeous posed photos, and we watch carefully for those quiet moments that happen naturally, what really excites us is helping create moments that tell your true story.


Your story is beautiful

We really need to know who you are as a couple to make our best work. This isn’t a marketing tactic, this is the core of our work. We do a lot of things differently from other photographers and if you reach out to us you’ll definitely find that out.

Candid emotional wedding photoMost of what we do is so that we can know enough about you two to know what matters to you. We want to know which photos will be important to you in 30 years.

So when Olivia saw Mitch for the first time and put her hand gently to her heart, we knew how strong that moment was.




Try this…

If you are reading this with your partner, I want you to set the timer on your phone for 1 minute, hold each others’ hands, close your eyes and think about your favourite memory to reminisce about with one another. Just think it to yourself…visualize it down to the very smallest detail…what did it look like to be there? how did it feel?

Did you do it?

Now, tell your partner the story of that moment, as though they had never heard it before.

You are going to have so many moments like this through your wedding day. Moments you’ll want to remember as they were.

This is what excites us. This is what we are trying to create.



Our craziest stories: Fire, Flooding, and Blackouts, Oh My!

We are going to be with you through thick and thin. For years, we said that everything at a wedding essentially goes as planned. Then, one year we saw a few “acts of god” that reminded us that anything can happen. And that if it does, we’ll roll with the punches, help you feel at ease, and get some incredible shots along the way.

Dramatic wedding portrait with fire truckWhen Matthew and Shadi’s venue caught fire, we had to evacuate. Thinking on our feet, we made sure to grab our lights before running out so when those fire trucks came, we could make perfectly lit photos outside in all the chaos. In case you’re worried, we were back inside partying in less than an hour thanks to the Toronto Fire Department.



Luminous-Weddings-Toronto-Wedding-PhotographerWhen Eve and Felix had torrential rain and flooding at their tent wedding in Niagara, we got outside, got wet, and made some of our favorite photos ever. By the end of the night, our team was soaking wet, a little muddy, and had had a couple wardrobe malfunctions, but we captured the day in a way that told the full story. See full story.



Lastly, when the power went out at Alison and Matt’s wedding for 4 hours during a storm we embraced the drama and captured amazing moments like this one of their guests lighting their way back down the aisle with their phones. See full story.

I don’t think any of our couples would have wished for the unexpected, but, like life, it’s all how you take it! And in each case, everyone partied harder, had more fun and lived as much in the moment as possible.







It was such a pleasure to speak with Global News about being a wedding photographer at an unplugged wedding. Eve and Felix's wedding took place in Niagara on the Lake. Check out the video to see some of our photos!