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Is a dog-a-holic who loves capturing candid moments, cheeky smiles and sly glances. She loves infusing fashion and a soft editorial feel into her images.

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Meet the Luminous Weddings Photographers


Has a passion for creating authentic and dramatic portraits. He’s an artist who’s shown his work internationally, is obsessed with his wife and Goldendoodle, and drinks wayyy too much coffee.

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She loves shooting small and intimate weddings (and is currently planning her own!) She used to be a chemist in Brazil, and moved to Toronto to pursue her dreams of photography.

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He has a keen eye for detail, is our go-to lighting pro, and keeps everyone laughing. He loves shooting beautiful portraits that are natural and fun.




Read this with your partner, set the timer on your phone for 1 minute, hold each other’s hands, close your eyes and think about your favorite memory to reminisce about with one another.

About Luminous Weddings – Toronto Photographers

why us?

We started Luminous Weddings with a dream to tell your true story, in a refined and beautiful way. We help you create moments of energy and excitement on your wedding day.

Sometimes, it’s simple things, like when Leah wanted a photo with her mom and her new mother-in-law. Instead of simply asking them to pose together, we got the moms to run up behind her and give her so much love that she’ll blush. 

When they did that, a true moment took over. They had wanted to squeeze her like that all day – they just needed a nudge.

This is what really separates us. We know how to take gorgeous non-posey posed photos, we watch carefully for those quiet moments that happen naturally – but what really excites us is helping create moments that tell your true story. 

We don't  " stage "  photos. We help set the stage for moments to take place

Your Story is Beautiful

Getting to know you as a couple is at the heart of our work. It’s not a marketing tactic – it’s a part of who we are and what allows us to do our best work.

From our first phone call or meeting, we listen deeply to what matters to you: what makes your relationship special, what makes 

you crazy about each other, who your favorite people in the world are.

This helps us capture the moments that will matter to you in 20 years. Like when Olivia saw Mitch for the first time and put her hand gently to her heart, we knew how poignant that moment was.

Moments you’ll want to remember as they were. This is what excites us. This is what we are trying to create.

Just think it to yourself… visualize it down to the very smallest detail…

What did it look like to be there? How did it feel? Did you do it?

Now, tell your partner the story of that moment, as though they had never heard it before. 

You are going to have so many moments like this through your wedding day.

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THIS is what excites us. This is what we are trying to create.

The Studio

We believe in making each encounter a fun and engaging experience. Our studio is filled with love notes from our couples, spreads from all the magazines that have published our work, and some of our most memorable photos.

We are excited to have our studio in Toronto’s newest creative hub on Sterling Road right across from the Drake Commissary and the new Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art.


We offer the best albums in the world. Handmade in Italy, they are truly an amazing experience every time you open them. We want your album to be as unique as your love. We use our albums to tell your story in an authentic and elegant way.

Prints & Framing

Growing up, the photos we had on our walls were so important. They told us who our family was and where we came from. With that in mind, we create the most stunning archival images right in our studio. We focus on making images that show who you are as a couple to create a true monument to your relationship.