the team

When we were looking for photographers, what we saw was either really candid photo-journalism, or very posed and elegant.

I asked myself: why can't we have both?! This is when Luminous was born. 

Most couples are worried their photos will look posed or inauthentic. At Luminous Weddings, if a photo doesn't feel REAL, it's not truly beautiful. 

We take the time to get to know you and help you feel completely at ease, so you can focus on being present and enjoying every moment, knowing WE'VE GOT YOU!

We were right where you are now and we did'nt know what to do

Nine years ago my wife and I could not decide on a photographer for our wedding

Luminous Was Born...

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We don't stage photos, we help set the stage for authentic moments to unfold.

- Ryan

Meet the Luminous Weddings Photographers


Has a passion for creating beauty. He’s an artist who’s shown his work internationally, is obsessed with his wife and Goldendoodle, and drinks wayyy too much coffee.

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She loves photographing small and intimate weddings - like her own wedding! She used to be a chemist in Brazil  and now she transforms love into beautiful images!

The Studio

We believe in making each encounter a fun and engaging experience. Come to our studio and have a glass of wine with us while you tell us your story!

Our studio is filled with love notes from our couples, spreads from all the magazines that have published our work, and some of our most memorable photos.

Our Manifesto