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"Having an engagement session inToronto is a great way to encapsulate this magical time"

Being engaged is an exciting time in your life; you’re in love, and on the cusp of starting a new life with your best friend. Having an engagement session in Toronto is a great way to encapsulate this magical time, so that you can look back on it years down the road. Whether you’re planning your own engagement session in Toronto or helping a loved one put theirs together, there are some key points that you’ll want to cover to ensure a successful session. For some hints about things to remember and tips to make your engagement session one to remember, keep on reading.

Guests should always be guests. Let your friends mingle, drink and enjoy the food. Leave the hard work to the videographers instead. 


The Best 15 Wedding Videographers in Toronto

Mazel Tov on your engagement! With the exciting new title of fiancé dancing around in your head, you're likely in wedding planning mode. Jewish weddings present many opportunities to honor you or your partner's faith and heritage whether it's Orthodox, Reform, Conservative or interfaith. No matter if you're working with a wedding planner or planning your own special day, memorable Jewish wedding traditions can be added to your wedding with a modern twist to please you as well as your oldest family members.

Beyond the memorable glass breaking (although I'll cover that too!) there are many other Jewish wedding traditions worthy of considering for your big day. Let's dive right in!

Jewish Weddings

Chinese weddings are celebratory occasions that blend sophisticated Eastern traditions with modern-day style. These reverent ceremonies honor the past and present, old and new. Newlyweds celebrate their new commitment while thanking their parents for their extraordinary sacrifices.

We love Chinese weddings and we want to tell your story in rich detail through colorful, astonishing pictures. We offer timeless bespoke engagement, pre-wedding and wedding photography! We follow a documentary-style photography process that tells your real love story. Each shot is artistic, elegant, and tasteful.

Chinese Weddings

Pre-wedding photo shoots give couples the opportunity to get some more creative shots in their wedding tux and/or gown, without the imminent time crunch that many couples experience on their wedding day. Some couples use props to take their pre-wedding pics up a notch, similar to cute, Pinterest-y things you’d see at an engagement shoot. Plus, it’s always a nice touch to have some pictures in your wedding outfits on display, on your actual wedding day. Some couples even choose to send out their pre-wedding shots as invitations, or save the dates.

Pre-Wedding Photography in Toronto: What Is it, and Do you Need it?

"We want to make sure that your pre-wedding photo shoot captures your aura as a couple."

In Hinduism, marriage is a beautiful religious sacrament. Matrimony is not just seen as a commitment between two people, but a spiritual marriage between two souls and a union of families. 

We know your upcoming wedding day is special. Let Luminous Weddings tell your delightful love story through scenic, high-quality photography. Our skilled professionals are storytellers that have a keen eye for artistic detail. They will capture the grand scenes of larger ceremonial moments. We'll also photograph the rich emotion of smaller, intimate interactions between family and friends.

hindu Weddings

Best locations in Toronto to photograph your Wedding and Engagement session! 

Wedding and Engagement Photography Locations in Toronto

Keep in mind that most photographers (like us) can specialize in more than one style, and can even combine photography styles to make your shoot as comprehensive and complete as you’d like. To learn about the different wedding photography styles you have to choose from and to figure out which one(s) would be the most suitable for your big day, keep on reading.

How to Pick the Best Wedding Photographer in Toronto: Wedding Photography Styles

Engagement sessions, or “e-sessions” for short, are fun shoots that couples do before their actual wedding. We’ve put together a guide on how to make planning your engagement shoot in Toronto a breeze, which is a great place to begin your planning efforts. It’ll help you decide on the ideal time and place for your shoot, as well as all of the details in between. Another important thing to note is that our engagement shoots in Toronto aren’t rain or shine, unless you’ve chosen an indoor venue. However, don’t let erratic Canadian weather influence your decision — we can always reschedule if necessary.

Why Should You Have an Engagement Shoot in Toronto?

Couples getting married in the Toronto area have so many wedding venues and styles to choose from. Whether you’re planning an intimate wedding or a grand event, you’ll find plenty of impressive options including the elegant Liberty Grand, the luxurious Four Seasons, the historic Casa Loma, or the glamorous Graydon Hall Manor.

Featured Venues

The venue where you get married sticks with you longer than many of the other details of the planning process, especially if it feels like it transports you to another place and time. Choosing Casa Loma is the first step to a fairy-tale wedding in Toronto; nestled close to the city, its name literally means "House on the Hill," but this house is actually one of the only castles available for weddings in Toronto. As a photographer, I love taking portraits at this venue because the stunning scenery lends itself to truly outstanding shots.

Casa Loma Weddings

The Toronto area is home to wide array of picturesque locations for your wedding. If you are looking for a historic and elegant venue for your special day that offers several opportunities for the perfect wedding portraits, I recommend considering Graydon Hall Manor. The manor's rich history, rooted in the splendor of the 1940's make it a top choice for those looking for a luxurious venue for their wedding.

Graydon Hall MAnor

When it comes to your wedding day, most things are optional. From ditching the flowers to not wearing a tux, you and your partner can do whatever you please. But one thing you can’t skip is the wedding venue. 

When searching for the perfect spot to say ‘I do’, most couples want a space with originality and style. But with so many options to choose from, it can be hard to narrow down what it is you’re looking for.

The Best 100 Wedding Venues in Toronto

Once you get over the excitement of your newfound fiancée status, that’s when the planning begins. And first up on the to-do list is, of course, to take engagement photos! 

We’ve taken thousands of pictures for happy couples in the Greater Toronto Area, so we’ve learned a few things along the way. From comfortable outfits to must-have images, check out our tips on nailing your engagement shoot. 

Top 5 Tips to Plan Your Engagement Session

Even when the world is not in a pandemic, there’s already so much to think about for the big day. Whether you’re accepting digital gifts only or your guests must sit 2 metres apart -- any wedding in 2020 is going to look way different than what we’re used to. 

So here’s a few things you need to know about planning a wedding during COVID-19. 

10 Things You Need to Know About Planning a Wedding During COVID 19

If you want a wedding your guests will remember, you’ll have to choose a venue that’s unique...or dare we say, cool? A memorable environment will give friends and family something to talk about, long after you say ‘I do’. 

10 Coolest Wedding Venues in Toronto

If you and your partner love good food, why not host your wedding at one of your favourite restaurants? This setting is perfect for couples who want to serve their guests a great meal, but don’t care to fuss over frilly details. From a casual BBQ joint to a rustic Italian bistro, there’s nothing like declaring your love surrounded by good friends...and fabulous food.

9 Best Restaurant Wedding Venues in Toronto

Ever try taking a photo of your kids, and you just can’t seem to get it right? One is smiling beautifully...while the other is looking away. Or everyone’s just plain old screaming. Well, a professional photographer can help you get those perfect family portraits. And even when the kids are fighting, they can somehow make that look good, too! 

10 Tips for great family photos

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