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Your wedding day is the beginning of a new story. It’s not just a big party; it’s the coming together of two families, and a public declaration of your love. The story of your wedding day started the day you were born. It is part of what your parents saw in you that very first day. It is every decision you made on your journey through life that led you to meet your true partner and want to affirm your love, surrounded by the most important people to you. It is the beginning of your next journey together, through all of life’s ups and downs.

We capture this one day in your life that stands for so many other days. We make images that capture your story through true emotion. That first time you see yourself in your dress and the significance of the day becomes real. A parent helping you get dressed like they used to so many years ago and the way their expression shows that they are seeing the person they raised and the person you have become. A day when the people who are no longer with you feel even closer.

We capture true stories, with energy and emotion.

We will work harder than any other wedding photographer to make photos you’ll love and create an experience you’ll never forget. 

At Luminous Weddings, we are a family of photographers (not by birth, but by choice). We’re proud to be based in Toronto and love to explore the city with you, telling your story through your favourite places. We believe our clients and their families always come first. We’re always pushing our creativity to make images as unique as you are – images that will make you laugh, cry and feel beautiful.

We love what we do, and we want to work with people who are as excited to live their story as we are to tell it.

Mena, Derek & Ryan

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