10 Tips for great family photos

10 Tips for great family photos

How to get great photos of your kids...

Ever try taking a photo of your kids, and you just can’t seem to get it right? One is smiling beautifully...while the other is looking away. Or everyone’s just plain old screaming. Well, a professional photographer can help you get those perfect family portraits. And even when the kids are fighting, they can somehow make that look good, too! 

But so many things can still go wrong at a family photo session. The key is to identify the risks, and prepare for them as best you can. So don’t let a bit of family dysfunction kill the day. Check out our expert tips to help you nail that photoshoot!

Kids are always the wildcard. Young siblings are prone to squabbles, fidgeting, and stains on their shirts. Prepare your kids several days in advance, and promise a reward afterwards for good behaviour. 

Mom may look stunning in that sleek evening dress, and dad looks like a million bucks in his new designer shirt. But outfits like that could leave you feeling anxious and uncomfortable. Wear clothes that allow you to move freely, so you can focus on the moment instead of pulling at your sleeves. 

Give your family lots of time for showers, dressing and grooming. If everyone arrives rushed and disorganized, that will set the tone for the rest of the shoot. Parents and children are generally less anxious when everyone is ahead of schedule.

Taking photos in the hot sun for an hour could leave your family looking like a sweaty mess. Pick a location with good indoor and outdoor options. And remember, an overcast day can actually lead to better pictures. 

Bring some light snacks and small toys to keep youngsters entertained. And stay efficient during the first half of your shoot. In our experience, we’ve found the best photos are taken during the first 20-30 minutes. 

Remember those old family portraits from Sears? Everyone standing (or sitting) nicely along a fake wall. Today’s photo sessions have come a long way. Many families want their pictures taken at petting zoos, carnivals and other fun settings. Your general vibe should reflect this. Leave the static poses and the ‘cheese’ at home. 

Do you like reading together as a family? Then bring along a few books. If Friday night board games are your thing, then there’s nothing wrong with busting out a quick game of Clue. Your photographer will be able to capture some beautiful moments when your family is doing something they love together.

If you and your partner have a great attitude, this good energy will no doubt rub off on the kids. A cheerful, happy demeanour will not only lighten the mood -- it’ll make for some fabulous photos, too.

Your family photographer should have a good rapport, and be good at making people feel comfortable. Great pictures are more than just ‘point-and-shoot’. An amazing photographer knows how to boost confidence and keep their subjects engaged. Meet with your professional beforehand to make sure it’s a good fit. 

Your actual photo session may only last an hour or so, but why not plan something special for afterwards? A family brunch at your favourite bistro or a trip to the ice cream shop is a great way to cap off a successful shoot!

Looking to capture your family’s most precious moments? Luminous Weddings offers more than just wedding photography. So get in touch for your next shoot. From the birth of a new baby to good old fashioned group portraits, we’d be honoured to document your family’s journey!

1) Prepare the kids

2) Wear the right clothing

3) Leave plenty of time to get ready

4) Plan Your Locations Wisley

5) Keep children engaged

6) Keep things Natural

8) Stay Positive

9) Hire the Right Photographer

10) Make a Day of It

7) Bring an Activity You All Enjoy