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Hindu Wedding :: Palais Royale

Kalpa and Steve had a gorgeous Hindu wedding at Palais Royal. Palais Royale is the perfect spot for a Hindu wedding ceremony; with it’s large terrace which overlooks the Toronto harbour and Lake Ontario. They wanted an intimate wedding with their closest family.

We love photographing Hindu weddings because of the magnificent details. All the vibrant colours really make it so unique. It was really great to see Stephen’s family get into the ceremony even though they didn’t have a lot of experience with the traditions.

After the luncheon reception at Palais Royal we headed to High Park. High Park is one of our favourite places to take photos. We think of it as Toronto’s Central Park. If you are looking for really natural photos in a beautiful landscape, or you are looking for manicured garden’s it is the perfect spot.

From there we heard to the recently re-opened Sunnyside Pavilion and Sunnyside Beach. Sunnyside Pavilion makes one of the most striking backdrops in the city; with it’s Spanish architecture and clean white walls. When most people think of Toronto the beach isn’t what comes to mind, but there are so many great ones and it is always the best place to end a day.

Bride's red and cream jewelry and shoes Behind the scene portraits of the bride getting ready at Palais Royale Bridal Room, TorontoPortraits of the bride lacing her Sari Hindu dress at the Palais Royale Bridal Room, TorontoPortraits of the bride placing the final touches to her Sari Hindu dress at the Palais Royale Bridal Room, Torontokalpa-stephen-5kalpa-stephen-6kalpa-stephen-7kalpa-stephen-8kalpa-stephen-9kalpa-stephen-10kalpa-stephen-11kalpa-stephen-12kalpa-stephen-13kalpa-stephen-14kalpa-stephen-15kalpa-stephen-16kalpa-stephen-17kalpa-stephen-18kalpa-stephen-19kalpa-stephen-20kalpa-stephen-21kalpa-stephen-22kalpa-stephen-23kalpa-stephen-24kalpa-stephen-25kalpa-stephen-26kalpa-stephen-27kalpa-stephen-28kalpa-stephen-29kalpa-stephen-30kalpa-stephen-31kalpa-stephen-32kalpa-stephen-33kalpa-stephen-34