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Jen+Asher::Canvas Event Space

I get a lot of different questions when I meet with my clients. “How would you describe your style?”, “How late into the reception do you usually stick around?” And that’s great! I love helping my clients through their day. But I knew Jen and Asher were special when they said “Mr.O’Donnell, the Industrial Revolution changed the face of the modern novel forever. Discuss, citing specific examples.”

Of course I knew the answer, and replied “Okay. The Industrial Revolution to me is just like a story I know called “The Puppy Who Lost His Way.” The world was changing, and the puppy was getting… bigger. So, you see, the puppy was like industry. In that, they were both lost in the woods. And nobody, especially the little boy – “society” – knew where to find ’em. Except that the puppy was a dog. But the industry, my friends, that was a revolution.”

All joking aside (for now), Jen and Asher were a true pleasure to photograph. Even when Jen’s dress got covered with mud before the ceremony, it didn’t phase her at all. Asher took maybe the finest roast of a groom I’ve ever seen, with a smile on his face the whole time. Congratulations, my friends!
P.S Jen is a pastry chef and made her own (delicious!) cake at her wedding:

Big thanks to for the always impeccable planning!