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Sam and David :: Jewish Wedding at the Four Seasons Hotel Toronto

It’s not often that as a wedding photographer you get to see what you do through new eyes. Sam is actually my cousin, I used to babysit her and make sure she brushed her teeth before bed. To see her getting married is a total trip, but more so than that to be part of the year leading up to the big day: the excitement, the decisions, the stress, and the fun reminded me what a big thing the wedding is not just to the couple and their parents and siblings but the entire family. 2019 truly was the year of Sam and David’s wedding for our family. Talking to my grandmother about it, seeing my nieces be excited for months about being flower girls and flying down to San Francisco to do their engagement photos. Weddings are truly an amazing thing for everyone involved and sometimes we need to step back to realize how much a part of it everyone truly is.

The day itself was everything! at Luminous Weddings are all about creating authentic images filled with love, energy, and spontaneity. However, when a couple brings the energy this much it truly creates magic. When I arrived in the morning at 9:30 my Aunt was dancing on the bar of her house with her BFF, if that doesn’t set the tone I don’t know what would. Sam and David had love and intensity throughout the entire day, singing to one another, laughing and just making what can be a total whirlwind the most fun.

The Four Seasons is one of my favorite places for a modern wedding in Toronto. It has clean lines gorgeous backdrop and to the extent, a hotel can have charisma it surely does.

I want to say a big thank you to Liane from, for making the day so stress-free, Nous Design Group for making everything so gorgeous and Big Ticket for being so great to work with always.