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Melissa and Brandon :: Cooper Creek

Finally the day has come for these two!

It’s funny how you can just “click” with some people, and that was exactly what happened when I met Mel and Brandon two years ago.

When they booked me, they already had a wedding day (which was postpone you might know why, but that was just a detail!!!). But actually, Brandon never proposed to Mel. Well.. until then. Later he called me asking to help with a proposal for her. OF COURSE I said I would help!!! It was such a lovely and fun surprise for her :). Then I photographed their engagement session, which was full of laughs and jokes!

Their wedding couldn’t be any different. Such a party!!!

At the end of the night, when I was saying goodbye, Brandon told me I was part of their story, and that I will not forget! <3

Mel and Brandon, I wish you both all the happiness and laughs- and Mel, I hope you never stop scaring Brandon! 🙂