9 Best Restaurant Wedding Venues in Toronto

9 Best Restaurant  Wedding Venues in Toronto

9 Great Restaurants for a Small Wedding in Toronto

If you and your partner love good food, why not host your wedding at one of your favourite restaurants? This setting is perfect for couples who want to serve their guests a great meal, but don’t care to fuss over frilly details. From a casual BBQ joint to a rustic Italian bistro, there’s nothing like declaring your love surrounded by good friends...and fabulous food.

If you want to say ‘I do’ at a restaurant in the GTA, check out some of our favourite spots. (But first, a few tips before you commit!)

Choose a venue that has personal meaning

Did your groom try to impress you by booking your first date at a posh sushi bar? Or maybe you two first bonded over your love of tacos. Look back at those special moments in your relationship, and choose a restaurant that means something to both of you.

Plan out the space

Even if your wedding will be a small one, a ceremony and reception will still require some space planning. Find out how many people the restaurant can comfortably accommodate. Don’t forget, guests will only be seated for the meal portion. So ask if there’s room for mingling and even dancing. 

Pay close attention to the menu

This is a chance to give your guests a meal they’ll remember. Restaurant food is typically better than the stuff on offer at a banquet hall. So don’t be afraid to get creative!

Ask about the wedding cake

If you want to bring your own cake for dessert, some restaurants will charge a fee -- especially if they have an in-house pastry chef. Get clarification around the dessert policy. If baked goods from outside vendors aren’t allowed, ask if their chef can create a small cake for you.

Here is our list of the 9 Best Restaurants in Toronto to have your wedding

An intimate restaurant wedding may be the perfect alternative for couples looking to minimize stress. If you’re going with this option, the only big things that will require your attention are the guestlist and menu. But no matter what, you’ll want to make sure all those special moments are captured on camera. We’ve taken hundreds of photos for couples at local restaurants in Toronto. So don’t be shy to ask for our thoughts on some of the city’s most unique venues!