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After working as a chemist for five years Bruna realized that the corporate life just wasn’t for her; she wanted to learn something new, and work in a more creatively diverse field. Remembering how much she loved looking back at pictures and marvelling at how they were able to eternalize a single moment, she figured she’d dabble into photography as a hobby. Bruna bought her first DSRL camera and began to explore—and it was love at first sight.

After Brazil she knew she’d found her calling, and started down the path of becoming a professional photographer. 

A self-proclaimed romantic, becoming a wedding photographer felt like the natural choice for Bruna. She loves the happiness and intensity of a wedding day, but knows that couples can be high-strung and stressed out on their big day, making it hard to absorb every moment and take in every little detail. She strives to capture every single moment of the day, and loves that all the shots the bride and groom didn’t expect to see can bring them back in time, and show them everything that happened on their wedding day. The power to help couples appreciate and look back on their special day is what makes it all worth it for Bruna.

With a classically romantic style, I aim to capture intimate moments shared by the couple. I like to get closer to the couple and capture that moment where they’re almost kissing, right when you can feel their hearts beating faster and faster. I do my best to make myself invisible to let couple get comfortable, so that I can capture these genuinely romantic moments between lovers.

"“I've always admired photography and how one single picture could eternize a moment.”."

Bruna began to study photography on her own and within the year, she was doing shoots for friends. One of her closest friends saw the spark that photography ignited in her, and witnessed the passion she had for the craft. She convinced her to quit her corporate job and to pursue her dreams of being a professional photographer. Bruna’s friend was also a former chemist who quit the corporate life to live out her dreams volunteering at a community centre in Brazil with Projeto Intervenção Artística Social, working with formerly homeless seniors.

Bruna was invited by her friend to go to Brazil to photograph the centre’s grand re-opening after it had undergone some renovations. During her time in the tropical country was one of the most grateful and life-changing experiences of her life. 

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I have several favorites, but there’s one specific photo that comes to mind. I’ll never forget photographing this bouquet toss; it was all dark, and all the single ladies were lined up and poised to catch the bride’s bouquet, when a guy came running out of nowhere, snatched it, and ran away! The photo captured the exact moment he got his hands on the bouquet—it was such an epic sight, I couldn’t believe I’d caught it in real time. The bride was in position, the guy was running with the bouquet, and all the girls were yelling and pointing. It was a hilariously candid moment, and I was so glad I got to memorialize it with a photo for the bride and groom. Beautifully posed portraits are nice, but there’s something about capturing little moments like that, that can really take a person back in time and help them relive the moment.

Bruna's Coverage starts from $2800 with full day coverage from $4000

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” -Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


Bruna's work has been featured in Ruffled Blog, Wedluxe, WeddingBells, Bridal Affair, Today's Bride, and many other wedding publications. She has also photographed in Mexico and Brazil.