The 100 Best Wedding Venues in Toronto and the GTA

The 100 Best Wedding Venues in Toronto and the GTA

A Photographer's Complete Guide to the Best Toronto Wedding Venues

When it comes to your wedding day, most things are optional. From ditching the flowers to not wearing a tux, you and your partner can do whatever you please. But one thing you can’t skip is the wedding venue. 

When searching for the perfect spot to say ‘I do’, most couples want a space with originality and style. But with so many options to choose from, it can be hard to narrow down what it is you’re looking for. The key though to finding the perfect wedding venue starts with you. So before browsing through our list, ask yourself these simple questions:

• How many people will I invite?
• What kind of aesthetic do I want? (i.e. luxurious, whimsical, farmhouse chic?) 
• What is my budget?

At Luminous Weddings, we’ve photographed at our fair share of venues. Whether you want stunning architecture for incredible photos or a small dining hall with a superb menu, there’s always something for everyone. So check out our list of unique options in Toronto and the GTA to suit your style and budget. 

From an outdoor oasis in the city to a posh hall in the suburbs, the perfect wedding venue is waiting for you. Just make sure it aligns with your vision. It’s easy to choose a locale based on something you fell in love with on Pinterest or Instagram. While a certain reception hall or golf club may have looked gorgeous with someone else’s wedding theme, it may not be the perfect backdrop for yours.

After all, wedding experts agree that if a venue is keeping you up at night -- it’s definitely not for you. Stay true to yourself and always go with your instincts. Here are some additional tips: 

1. Check out portfolios from local photographers to see real pictures taken at venues you’re interested in 
2. Always visit the venue in person before putting down a deposit
3. If you’re not getting married at the site - confirm availability with your nuptial location first (church, synagogue, etc.) before committing to a date with the venue

Don’t forget that popular venues in Toronto and the GTA tend to book up fast. Call around first to get a sense of availability before booking in-person visits. And as always, the photography team at Luminous Weddings is here to offer friendly advice (and of course, fabulous photos!) on your special day.

Stay true to yourself...