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Wedding and Engagement Photography Locations in Toronto

50 Best Wedding and Engagement Photography Locations in Toronto and GTA

1. Cherry Beach, Toronto

One of our favourite places to take photographs, Cherry Beach is an unexpected gem — it’s a great spot for couples looking for a beachy backdrop, and it’s close to the city. Situated on Lake Ontario, this beach features sandy shores, making it perfect for those looking for a beachy vibe. If you’re not into the beach scenery, there are also wooded areas, a boardwalk, and a super cute bridge you can use for photos.

Location: On the East end of Toronto, at the south end of Cherry St.

Permit: None required.

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2. Evergreen Brick Works, Toronto

A popular destination for photos, about half of all our engagement sessions happen at Evergreen Brick Works! Comprised of distinctive industrial buildings that make for a unique backdrop, there’s also a quarry garden surrounded by parkland. With the variety in this area, it’s no wonder it’s such a hot spot for engagement sessions.

While you don’t need a permit to take pictures in the gardens, we highly recommend looking into getting one for inside the buildings; the old brickwork, arches, and graffiti make for some uber cool shots.

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Location: Bayview Avenue and Pottery Road

Permit: None required for gardens. Permission required for inside buildings.

Phone: 416-392-8188


3. High Park

A little oasis of nature just outside the downtown core, High Park is the premier destination for couples looking for a romantic outdoor backdrop. With lush gardens and a pond full of gorgeous wildlife, there’s nowhere else you’ll get that classic park feel in the city. Reminiscent of Central Park in NYC, High Park is especially beautiful in the spring and summer months. If you visit at the right time, you could even get some shots among their stunning cherry blossom trees while they’re still in bloom!

Location: Bloor and Parkside (west, just north of the QEW)

Permit: Permission may be required, as events may be planned.

Phone: 416-392-8188

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4. Distillery District

The historic Distillery District, built in 1832, has become increasingly popular for not only special events but for wedding and engagement photos in Toronto. Featuring cobblestone streets, narrow alleyways and old brick buildings, this is the perfect location for couples looking for an old-city vibe. Its classic architecture and quaint shops give the areas a cozy feel and make for a gorgeous backdrop. Home to the annual Toronto Christmas Market, there’s almost always something going on in the Distillery District.

Location: Mill St. (Between Parliament St. and Cherry St.)

Permit: $225

Phone: 416-364-4793

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5. Edwards Gardens Conservatory, Toronto

If you’re looking for a classic wedding park in Toronto, then look no further. With a grand fountain, staircase, and quaint little bridges, this is the ideal location for those looking for a traditional backdrop! Their gardens are lush with perennials, roses, and wildflowers, satisfying the dreams of every flower enthusiast out there. Not into fresh blossoms? You can find a beautiful rock garden in their valley for your background. With something for every couple, it’s no wonder this has been a long time favourite of local photographers.

Location: 777 Lawrence Ave E , Toronto

Permit: The main section is free. For botanical gardens, it is $330 per 2 hours.

Phone: 416-392-8188


6. Osgoode Hall

Perfect for those looking for a classic setting for their wedding or engagement photos, Osgoode Hall is a popular destination for photographers because of the versatility of its grounds. The building itself is reminiscent of the grand architecture that was popular in the 1800s, and the grounds feature cobblestone pathways and ornate iron fencing. In the spring and summer months, the building is surrounded with beautifully manicured gardens that feature brightly coloured tulips and cherry blossoms.

Location: Queen and University Street

Permit: No permit required, but you’ll want to check beforehand that there are no events or filming scheduled. No photos allowed inside the building.

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7. University of Toronto

If you’ve ever visited the University of Toronto campus, then you know what we’re about to say — it’s absolutely stunning. The charming old architecture of the main campus makes for a stunning backdrop, which many couples choose to take advantage of. The beautifully landscaped campus, wrought iron detailing, and stunning archways are just a few of the features you can have in your photos when you choose this university campus for your photographs.

Location: College and University

Permit: $130 for non-alumni / $65 for alumni

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8. Knox College, University of Toronto

Part of the UofT campus, Knox College boasts some of the most stunning neo-gothic architecture in Toronto. Parts of the building are covered in vining foliage, making for an old yet classic feel. The high ceilings, stone staircases, and grand pillars will give couples the grand, yet gothic look they’re seeking. Beautiful in the warm sunshine or covered in snow, this is a great location year-round.

Permit: $335 per 2 hours.

Location: 59 Saint George Street.

Phone: 416.978.4500

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9. Hart House, University of Toronto

Another part of the UofT campus, this prime location also boasts gorgeous Gothic-style architecture. With a beautiful stone exterior and lush green courtyard in the spring and summer months, this makes for a great outdoor location. However, some would argue that the inside is even better; grand archways, high ceilings, immense woodwork and cathedral-style windows are just some of the stunning features in Hart House.

Location: 7 Hart House Circle (U of T Campus)

Permit: No permit required if wedding is held at Hart House.

Phone: 416.978.2187

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10. Black Creek Pioneer Village

This Victorian-style property is exactly as its name implies; it’s a pioneer village that provides 19th-century vibes for couples going for an old-timey feel. Black Creek Pioneer Village features 40 restored buildings including homes, farms, and public buildings that’ll take you back in time to the 1800s. The lush trees, green lawn, and quaint buildings make for an old-timey backdrop that’s sure to make you swoon.

Location: Steeles Ave. & Jane St.

Permit: $150 for engagements, $300 for weddings

Phone: (416) 736-1740 ext. 5444

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11. Casa Loma

Another location perfect for those seeking a romantically grand backdrop, this Gothic Revival style castle is conveniently located midtown Toronto. Complete with a conservatory, terrace, and garden, there’s little you won’t find at Casa Loma. The mahogany wood in the library room is perfectly illuminated in the light of the chandeli

ers; step into the conservatory, and you’ll be greeted by a stunning stained glass ceiling and the cathedral-style windows. It’s easy to see why Casa Loma has won over so many couples!

Location: 1 Austin Terrace (near Bathurst and Dupont)

Permit: $500 depending on time of day

Phone: 416.923.1171

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12. Front Street/Esplanade area, Toronto

A hot spot for locals on the weekend, Front Street and the Esplanade area is always buzzing on a Saturday because of the ever-popular farmer’s market. With notable architecture like the Gooderham Building, this is a great spot for those looking to feature interesting buildings in their backdrop. There’s a ton of shops and outdoor cafes, and even some green spaces if you’re looking for a couple of shots among some fresh blooms.

Location: Front St. & Market St.

Permit: None required.

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13. West Queen West, Toronto

This is one of our favourite locations; perfect for artsy, creative couples! Widely known as one of Toronto’s hippest neighbourhoods, there’s no shortage of unique photo ops in this area. If you’re looking for something a little off the beaten path — as in, not very traditional — then this is the spot for you. You can pop into a trendy bar or cafe for some casual pictures, or hit up some of the colourful graffitied walls and alleys for a more edgy vibe.  

Location: Queen West between Bathurst and Dufferin

Permit: None required, but you may want to ask ahead at some café’s, bars or shops

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14. Yorkville / ROM, Toronto

Yorkville is an uber posh neighbourhood, perfect for those looking for a more upscale vibe. Great for couples going for a more formal look in their photos, Yorkville has buildings that provide some great texture, and there are a ton of little nooks perfect for capturing sweet little moments with your better half. The Michael Lee Chin Crystal is a perfect example of the stunning variety of architecture here, and is one of our favourite backgrounds in the city!

Location: University and Bloor

Permit: None required

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15. Unionville Main St, Markham

A quaint little street with some great texture, Main Street Unionville is home to a ton of cute shops. It’s reminiscent of the quaint streets you’d find in Niagara-On-The-Lake, but the great part is that you don’t have to venture too far outside the city for this small town vibe. With buildings that are virtually unchanged from their founding in the 1800s, you’ll get the homey, small-town look you’re seeking.

Location: Unionville Main St

Permit: $122.50 for 1 hour of wedding photography.

Phone: 905.477.7000 x6930 or x2300.


16. Kensington Market, Toronto

Another super hip part of Toronto, Kensington Market is where you’ll want to head for a lively, colourful, and fun shoot! Stop off at one of the many outdoor stalls to try on some vintage clothing, and get a few silly snaps posing with sunglasses and hats. We’ll follow you through the alleys to explore the amazing street art and graffitied walls in this area; you can even stop off for a quick snack at one of the amazing restaurants this neighbourhood has to offer.

Location: Tucked away between the borders of Dundas, College, Bathurst and Spadina.

Permit: None required, but you may want to ask ahead at any private establishments.


17. St. Lawrence Market, Toronto

Much more than just a farmer’s market and indoor food market, St. Lawrence is an architectural landmark. Its old brick exterior makes for a fantastic backdrop; not to mention, the most interesting — and photogenic — light patterns get projected onto it from adjoining buildings. After you’re done getting some sweet snaps outside with your S.O., take a stroll through the market to taste some local cheese, fruit, and meat!

Location: Front St. & Jarvis St.

Permit: Call for permit information

Phone: 416-392-7219



18. Alexander Muir Gardens, Toronto

Another classic wedding park, you can find gorgeous sunken gardens, walkways, and benches to strike a pose in. Complete with stunning stonework walls and stairs, this location is ideal for couples looking to keep their photos traditional. Its lush greenery makes for an incredible, vibrant green backdrop. This park is supremely well-manicured in the warmer months and conveniently located in North Toronto, situated next to a ravine.

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19. James Gardens

A hidden gem tucked away in the Royal York area, this is another great option for couples looking for a traditional backdrop in their wedding or engagement photos. With lush greenery including trees, shrubs, and vibrant flowers throughout the park, there are a ton of spots to snap some stunning photos in this area. There are even some mini wooden bridges and a little pond where you might catch a few ducks waddling by in the warmer months.

Location: Edenbridge Drive (east off Royal York Road)

Permit: $330.42 per 2 hour

Phone: 416.392.8188


20. Centennial Park Conservatory, Etobicoke

The Centennial Park Conservatory is more than just a greenhouse — with three different wings in this complex, it’s home to hundreds of tropical plants, cacti, trees and shrubbery. You can get some tropical-inspired pictures in the main greenhouse among the banana, soursop, and papaya trees, and then head to the south wing to get some interesting cacti in your background. This conservatory is also home to a collection of wildlife, including a variety of turtles and birds.

Location: 15 Elmcrest Road (west off Renforth Road, just north of Rathburn Avenue).

Permit: $472.02 per 2 hours.

Phone: 416-394-8543


21. The Old Mill Inn, Toronto

Parallel to the Humber River, this Victorian-style venue is a gorgeous location for couples seeking that country charm in their photos. Complete with stone walls, a beautiful waterfall and meticulously manicured gardens, the Old Mill’s exterior is sure to make any couple swoon. With a lovely bridge, rockery, and vining greenery, the charming landscape makes for a stunning backdrop. Inside, you’ll be greeted with quaint wood detailing — every inch of this venue reeks with British charm!

Location: 21 Old Mill Road

Permit: Permission normally required.

Phone: 416-236-2641


22. Union Station (Toronto)

More than just the central hub for transportation in Toronto, Union Station is an exquisite location for wedding and engagement photos in the city. It’s one of the largest and most opulent train stations in Canada, with fascinating old architecture, both inside and out. The grand windows, arches, and intricate ceiling make for an ultra-romantic setting. The stone exterior, supported by gorgeous pillars makes the outside just as grand as the inside. Not only is this location to-die-for, but it’s in an amazingly central location downtown Toronto.

Location: 65 Front Street West (at Bay Street)

Permit: $500

Phone: 416-392-8188


23. Humber Bridge, Etobicoke

Situated on Lake Ontario on the west end of Toronto, the Humber Bridge is a recognizable landmark to any Toronto resident. Not only can you snap some romantic photos on the bridge, but you can trek onto the sandy beach for some sweet pictures. Perfect for couples searching for an outdoorsy vibe in their photos, this area features parkland, lush foliage and trees, and a walkway that you can stroll alongside your S.O. on.

Location: Lakeshore Rd. and South Kingsway.

Permit: None required


24. TD Centre and Financial District, Toronto

The Financial District is the ideal location for city-dwellers who love the industrial look of the massive buildings that Toronto is home to. An urban setting with tall skyscrapers and concrete walls, this is the location you’ll want to seek out if you’re in search of an industrial look in your pictures. There is a small green space in the area, but shots in this area will still have that business-casual look to it!

Location: Bay St. & Wellington St. W.

Permit: None if venue is canoe restaurant

Phone: 416-869–2277


25. Toronto Beaches, Toronto

The Toronto Beaches is a popular location for wedding and engagement photos, and for good reason. While Canada is famous for harsh weather, when our summers (finally) arrive, they’re absolutely beautiful. Couples can take a stroll along the sandy shores, get some shots along the shoreline, and even get the Toronto skyline in the background! Situated on Lake Ontario, the Toronto Beaches feature expansive beaches, a harbour and marina, as well as a boardwalk cafe

Location: Lakeshore Blvd. E. & Coxwell Ave.

Permit: None



26. Glendon College, York University, Toronto

If you’re looking for that regal feel of the UofT campus with the charm of a quaint British cottage, Glendon College at York University is the venue you’re looking for! The stonework here is absolutely stunning, and there are beautiful rose gardens with fresh blooming flowers everywhere you turn. Complete with pathways lined with huge trees, an old manor, and stone walkway, there are few other places that are this charming so close to the city.

Location: Bayview Ave.& Lawrence Ave.

Permit: Permit required

Phone: 416-487-6798

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27. Spadina House

The Victorian mansion sits on a gorgeous plot of land; the art nouveau architecture of the mansion makes for an absolutely stunning backdrop. Surrounded by Victorian gardens that have been fully restored, there’s a ton of greenery that you can snap some photos in with your better half. Wander through the gardens, pose on the staircase, and gaze longingly from the veranda during your shoot at the Spadina House.

Location: 285 Spadina Rd.

Permit: Call for permit information

Phone: 416-392-6910


28. Todmorden Mills, Toronto

Built in the 18th century, Todmorden Mills was a unique industrial settlement that started out as a lumber mill. Adjacent to the Don Valley Brick Works historic site, it’s now occupied by the Todmorden Mills Heritage Museum and Arts Centre, which includes a museum, art gallery, theatre and a forest preserve. There are a number of intimate spots at this location that offer a ton of different backdrops; take a stroll through the fields, and stop for a picture in front of one of the old brick walls.


29. Sunnyside Park & Pavillion, Toronto

Situated on Lake Ontario, Sunnyside Park and Pavillon has something different to offer in each corner. Featuring sandy beaches, late 1800s architecture, and a courtyard with a fountain, it’s the ideal location for couples looking for some versatility in their photos but who don’t want the hassle of travelling around to different locations. The old European vibe of the architecture in this park is a refreshing break from the modern shots you’ll get in the typical Downtown area. Complete with iron gates, lush green areas and a boardwalk, there’s little that Sunnyside Park and Pavillion doesn’t have to offer.

Location: Lakeshore Blvd. and Colborne Lodge Drive

Permit: $40 per hour (for up to 20 people)

Phone: 416-392-8188


30. Allan Gardens Conservatory, Toronto

With not one, but six indoor greenhouses, the Allan Gardens Conservatory is the perfect location for couples seeking lush green foliage in their backdrop.  With tropical plants from all around the globe, you and your S.O. can get tropical-inspired photos here year-round. A particularly unique location in the fall and winter months, it’s the perfect option for couples who want to pose among greenery, even when there isn’t any outside.

Location: 19 Horticultural Avenue (south side of Carlton between Jarvis and Sherbourne Streets)

Permit: $472.02 for 2 hours

Phone: 416-392-8188

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31. Harbourfront, Toronto

An amazingly central location, Harbourfront is perfect for those who love Toronto and want some of its iconic landmarks in their background. Get some shots kissing on the bridge, walking towards the CN Tower, and posing against the shoreline. With cool wavy boardwalks and large yellow umbrellas, this is an awesome location for a fun, playful shoot. There are also massive weeping willow trees, perfect to picnic under!

Location: South side of Queen’s Quay Blvd. West (between Spadina Avenue and Bathurst Street)

Permit: No permit required for outdoors; please call to inquire about indoor permits.

Phone: 416.392.1111


32. North York Rose Garden, Toronto

In the heart of North York, the Rose Garden is ideal for couples seeking a traditional garden for their backdrop. Complete with winding pathways, mature trees, and a variety of greenery including trees and flowers, there’s no limit to the sweet snaps you can get in this Rose Garden! The carefully manicured shrubs and pruned trees make for a neat, yet natural background for your photos. Post just outside the ornate gates, or pause for a picture on one of their quaint little bridges.

Location: Northwest corner of Yonge Street and Park Horne Avenue

Permit: $125 per hour

Phone: 416-395-6055


33. Toronto Music Garden, Toronto

If you and your S.O. are music lovers, then this is the perfect spot for your engagement or wedding photos in Toronto. Inspired by Bach’s First Suite for Unaccompanied Cello, each dance movement within the suite corresponds to a different section of the garden. With beautiful outdoor architecture and a whimsical gazebo, this garden is super close to the water and boats. If you choose this location, you might be lucky enough to run into one of the many classical performances that take place here throughout the summer!

Location: 65 Front Street (between Bay and York Streets)

Permit: $118.02 for 2 hours.

Phone: 416-864-3440


34. Fantasy Fair, Toronto

The ideal location for fun-loving couples, Fantasy Fair is Ontario’s only indoor amusement park — which is perfect, with the unpredictable weather in Toronto! Complete with rides and attractions inside Woodbine Mall, Fantasy Fair will bring out your inner child. Capture a sweet shot in front of the old-timey ticket booth, take a spin on the carousel, and hop on the train for a ride around the attractions.

Location: Woodbine Centre, 500 Rexdale Blvd.

Permit: $60 permit required. Rides can be reserved for 10 minutes @ $60/ride or a 3-ride package of $150

Phone: 416-674-5200


35. Toronto Island Park, Toronto

Catch a ferry over to the Toronto Island to visit this park for awesome views of the city, natural park areas, and a beach. Gaze into the eyes of your S.O. with the gorgeous Toronto skyline in the background, or pose for a picture on a bridge amongst the greenery. WIth massive trees and lush foliage, you can set up a cute little picnic in the shade. Head over to the Centre Island amusement park to have some rides in the backdrop to add a fun-loving feel to your photos. It’s important to note that photography at the nude beach, Hanlan’s Point, is extra!

Location: Leave from the Ferry docks or hire a boat

Permit: $330.42 for 2 hours in the park for weddings.

Phone: 416-392-8193


36. Wychwood Barns, Toronto

Wychwood Barns if the perfect location for those looking for a rustic aesthetic without venturing too far outside the city. With large wooden barn doors, old TTC signage and red brick walls, it’s a great backdrop for a rustic-chic vibe. Inside the barn, you’ll be greeted by high ceilings supported by a number of exposed beams. The entrance to Wychwood Barns is made almost completely of windows —when the sun strikes at just the right spot, the shadows cast inside can make for some stunning photos.

Location: St Clair and Wychwood

Permit: None required when not otherwise in use

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37. King Edward Hotel, Toronto

Complete with grand stone pillars and chandeliers placed throughout the hotel, there’s no doubt your photos will be oozing with a regality. The Crystal Ballroom in this hotel is one of the most unique spots in the city, and perfect for couples looking for a more grand, extravagant look. With windows all around and unique lighting fixtures, you can make this ballroom reflective of your personality by adding a few personal touches.

Location: King Street East

Permit: Required.

Phone: 416-863-9700

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38. The Eaton Centre / Yonge + Dundas, Toronto

Ah, the Eaton Centre. Front and centre at Yonge and Dundas, this location is for those of you who love the hustle and bustle! With tall buildings, tons of restaurants and clothing stores, and seemingly endless pedestrian traffic, this is the ideal spot for those who love the busyness of the downtown core. Dundas Square is a great spot to give your engagement photos a cinematic look.

Location: Yonge and Dundas

Permit: Required

Phone: (416) 598-8560


39. Fairmont Royal York Hotel, Toronto

If there’s one thing that Toronto has an abundance of, it’s grand hotels that make for fabulous photoshoot locations. The classical architecture of the Fairmont Royal York makes for an elegant backdrop — not to mention the double staircase, which is class embodied. High, intricately decorated ceilings, massive windows, and sparkling chandeliers are just some of the highlights of this location.

Location: Front near University

Permit: Required

Phone: (416) 368-2511


40. Graydon Hall Manor, Toronto

Another classic location, Graydon Hall Manor is the dream location for couples looking for that traditional setting. An old stone manor with massive, lush trees, perfectly manicured gardens, and a courtyard that’s simply to die for, there’s no end to the sweet photos you can capture here. Pose with your S.O. on the gorgeous stone staircase leading out to the garden, and let the vibrant shrubbery frame your pictures.

Location: 185 Graydon Hall Drive, Toronto, ON M3A 3B1

Permit: Required

Phone: (416) 449-5432


41. Windsor Arms Hotel

A breathtakingly grand venue, you can’t go wrong with the Windsor Arms Hotel. An old brick exterior, this hotel is where you’ll need to go if you’re looking for that classic, English look. With classic architecture on the outside, you’ll be greeted by more gorgeous architecture, massive pillars, and intricate ceilings on the inside. Complete with sparkling chandeliers, this is the location you’ll want to choose if you’re seeking an elegant shoot.

Location: 18 St Thomas St, Toronto, ON M5S 3E7

Permit: Required

Phone: (416) 971-9666


42. CN Tower / Steam Whistle

You didn’t think we’d leave this one off the list, right? The most iconic structure in Toronto, it’s featured in the background of many a wedding and engagement photo, but some couples actually make their way to the top for some breathtaking snaps. Once you’ve finished up at the CN Tower, make your way across the street to the Steam Whistle Brewery for some cute pictures. Wooden benches, antique train cars, and exposed original brick are just a few of the many features you’ll be able to capture in your photos at this location.

Location: 301 Front St W, Toronto, ON M5V 2T6

Permit: Required

Phone: (416) 868-6937


43. Art Gallery of Ontario 

This location isn’t just for art lovers; it’s perfect for anyone looking for a modern setting, with a little classic flair. The AGO is home to a beautiful collection of paintings and exhibits that you’re free to pose in front of. Not to mention the pièce de résistance — the dramatic, winding staircase that’s a work of art on its own. With a ton of windows, you can find great spots that have natural light, making for some stunning photos.  

Location: 317 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5T 1G4

Permit: Required.

Phone: 416.979.6634


44. Kortright Centre

If you’re looking for that rustic chic vibe and don’t want to travel too far outside the city, then you’ll want to consider the Kortright Centre in Vaughan. A stunning outdoor space, you’ll be surrounded by forestland so you can snap some sweet photos among the foliage with your S.O. If the weather doesn’t persist, there’s an indoor space that’s surrounded with windowed walls and ceiling, complete with exposed wooden beams to accent your rustic aesthetic.

Location: 9550 Pine Valley Dr, Woodbridge, ON L4L 1A6

Permit: $175 – call for more information.

Phone: 416.667.6295

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45. Toronto City Hall 

Another location perfect for couples who love the city, Nathan Phillips Square, just across the street from city hall, is a great outdoor location. There’s a super cute skating rink in the winter where you can get some adorable pictures with the old city hall in the background. We love this location because it offers such a great variety  — there’s the modern design of the current city hall, which contrasts beautifully with the old clock tower and stonework of the old city hall. Not to mention, there’s the infamous Toronto sign just steps away!

Location: 100 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5H 2N2

Permit: None Required

Phone: 411 


46. Scarborough Bluffs

There are few locations in the GTA with views as stunning as the ones you’ll find at the Scarborough Bluffs. Sandy beaches, blue water, tree-lined coasts, and stunning cliffs are just a few of the natural features you’ll be able to take advantage of in your photos. Walk along the shoreline, have a cute little picnic, and pose against the rounded cliffs for some stunning shots.  

Location: 52 Bluffers Park, Scarborough, ON M1M 3W3

Permit: Only for weddings – contact for more information.

Phone: (416) 392-8188


47. Shangri-La Hotel

An upscale hotel perfect for those going for a classic, elegant look, the Shangri-La Hotel is centrally located downtown Toronto. With floor-to-ceiling windows and a ton of natural light, it offers a stunning backdrop and with a great view of the city. The event space here features beautiful chandeliers and can be totally decked out or simply decorated to suit the look you’re going for.

Location: 188 University Ave, Toronto, ON M5H 0A3

Permit: Required.

Phone: 647.788.8888.

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48. University Club of Toronto 

This beautiful mansion designed with the influence of Georgian architecture offers an uber elegant space for couples seeking to portray that old Victorian feel in their photos. Complete with a spiral staircase, a gorgeous ballroom, grand pillars, and an ornate ceiling, there’s no lack of prime photo ops in this University Club.

Location: 380 University Ave, Toronto, ON M5G 1R6

Permit: Offered on an exceptional basis

Phone: 416.597.1336

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49. Adamson Estate

This estate includes a waterfront park, a charming barn, and a 2-storey manor house. Lush with green grass and beautiful trees, backing right onto Lake Ontario, you can get that charming countryside vibe in your photos without travelling hours outside the city. Parts of the building on this estate are covered in climbing ivy giving it that regal, scholarly feel. Take advantage of the beautiful brickwork to get some incredibly charming shots on this estate.

Location: 850 Enola Ave, Mississauga, ON L5G 4B2

Permit: Required – call for more information.

Phone: 905.615.4100


50. Graffiti Alley

Conveniently located in the Fashion District downtown Toronto, graffiti alley features some of the most colourful and creative walls in the city. This location is perfect for modern, artsy, and creative couples looking to get some edgy shots. WIth little nooks tucked along this alleyway, there are a ton of uber cute photo ops in this area. Most couples tend to go for a casual dress code when taking pictures in this area, because of the urban feel.

Location: Runs south of Queen Street West from Spadina Avenue to Portland Street

Permit: Not required.

Other “Alternate” locations   Downtown Streets (candid walking shots) Fields Alleyways Train Tracks Building Ruins

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