Muskoka Engagement Photos
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Muskoka Engagement Photos

Muskoka Engagement Photos

Cottage Engagement photos in Muskoka

Lindsay and Mathew really wanted to do their engagement photos at their family cottage in Muskoka. I think many of us have so many fond memories of our cottage times. Many of the most important times they had together as a couple have been up there. Not only was their cottage gorgeous but they had an amazing vintage wooden speedboat. It was amazing to be out on the water on this classic boat soaking up the sun.

Couple often think doing a session like this isn’t a possibility, but we are happy to travel to make amazing things happen.

Engaged couple share a sunlit kiss out on a boat in the Muskoka waters

Engaged couple wraps their arms around each other in the Muskoka woodsBlack and white portrait of the couple snuggled in their Muskoka cottage for their engagement sessionLandscape of the engaged couple walking through the woods in MuskokaBeautiful couple backlit by the Muskoka woods for their engagement sessionEngagement shoot on a dock in Muskoka, the couple wrapped in each other's arms The bride to be holds her fiance from behind, located in the Muskoka woodsThe bride to be hold her fiances arm from behind, as he turns around to kiss her in MuskokaThe bride-to-be wraps her arms around her fiance in front of their wood boathouse in MuskokaIntimate portraits of the engaged couple leaning into one another in front of their wood boathouse in MuskokaIntimate black and white portrait of the couple's feet hung into the Muskoka water as he whispers her a secretPortrait of the bride to be leaning into her fiance's arms in their cottage woods in MuskokaEngaged couple walk together down the cottage trail in MuskokaThe couple pull each other in close for their engagement session in MuskokaBlack and white portrait of him leading his bride to be through the forest in MuskokaBeautiful sun reflecting off the waters between the engaged couple in MuskokaBeautiful sun halo falling over the engaged couple as they pull each other in close, sitting on the dock in MuskokaIntimate portraits of the couple dangling their feet in the Muskoka waters for their engagement sessionBlack and white portrait of the newly engaged couple hugging each other in the forest of MuskokaBeautiful silhouette of the engaged couple in front of the Muskoka waters before sunetIntimate portrait of the engaged couple, face to face, out on the boat, during the Muskoka sunsetRelaxed black and white portrait of the couple snuggling together in their boat on the Muskoka waters A relaxed and intimate portrait of the engaged couple on a boat during a Muskoka sunset
Back view of the engaged couple taking their boat for a ride on the Muskoka watersA Muskoka sunset on the docks, the couple pressed into each other's armsSunset landscape of the engaged couple in each other's arms, leaning in for a kiss in Muskoka