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Pre-Wedding Photography Toronto: What Is it, and Do you Need it?

Pre-Wedding Photography in Toronto

Jewish bride rests her head on her grooms shoulder as they overlook the city lights and bridge.

What Is Pre-Wedding Photography?

A concept that’s widely practiced in Asian countries, more and more North American couples are partaking in what’s referred to as a “pre-wedding photography session.” We know what you’re thinking: your Instagram feed is seemingly always filled with professional shots from all of your friends e-shoots, and this isn’t a new concept at all — spoiler alert, they’re not the same thing. But we’ll get that to that in sec. Pre-wedding shoots take place, or rather, are styled to look like they took place, right before the actual wedding. Couples rent or wear their actual wedding attire for their pre-wedding photo shoots, and revel in the beauty that is to be their big day.

Pre-wedding photo shoots give couples the opportunity to get some more creative shots in their wedding tux and/or gown, without the imminent time crunch that many couples experience on their wedding day. Some couples use props to take their pre-wedding pics up a notch, similar to cute, Pinterest-y things you’d see at an engagement shoot. Plus, it’s always a nice touch to have some pictures in your wedding outfits on display, on your actual wedding day. Some couples even choose to send out their pre-wedding shots as invitations, or save the dates.

Toronto bride and groom share a kiss on a balcony.
How Is a Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot Different from an Engagement Photo Shoot?

Many people use these terms interchangeably, but pre-wedding photo sessions are, in fact, different from engagement shoots. The main difference between these photoshoots is that couples typically opt for more casual wear for their engagement pictures. By casual, we don’t necessarily mean jeans and converse — we just mean any other than formal wedding day attire.

Toronto bride and groom lean against an old truck as they rest heir foreheads together for an intimate wedding shoot.
Where Should You Take Pre-Wedding Photos?

Where each couple decides to take their pre-wedding pictures is totally up to them, but we always encourage clients to choose somewhere that means something to them, so their photos can be that much more special.  

A number of our pre-wedding photography clients for come from overseas and want to see what Toronto has to offer. In these cases, we love to show off what Toronto is famous for. Some of our favorite places include Casa Loma, the infamous Toronto skyline, the historic University of Toronto campus, as well as some of our fabulous parks around the city.

Toronto bride and groom lock hands and eyes in front of a beautiful bay window.
Choose Luminous Weddings for Your Pre-Wedding Photography in Toronto

Luminous Weddings is pleased to offer creative 婚紗照 pre-wedding photography sessions throughout Toronto, across Canada and internationally. Traditionally, pre-wedding photos highlight a few extremely dramatic photos. However, what we try to do  is tell a full story through our shoot. We want to show who you are as a couple, and what you value most. Some photos can be big and dramatic, while others can be more demure and subtle, depicting the smaller moments that make-up the fabric your relationship.

We want to make sure that your pre-wedding photo shoot captures your aura as a couple, which is why we aim to make everything as easy as it can be on the day of your session. We’re happy to offer packages that include a full day shoot, hair, make-up, transportation, and pre-determined destinations so that you don’t have to think about any other than looking your best.

Contact Luminous Weddings today to learn more about how we can help make your dream pre-wedding shoot a reality.